An image of a laptop, a cup of coffee, pens, and accessories, on a wooden table.


Self-improvement books litter the shelves of department stores, waiting for broken people to pick them up as though their pages will fix them like superglue.  We wait for Christmas.  We wait for the next catalogue of things which we must have, to leaf through the deals and find the ones which really speak to us.  We don’t speak to each other as often as we should, or as kindly as we should.  Marie Kondo releases shows which we watch in cluttered rooms, thinking, ‘I’ll tidy this soon’.  We make promises to ourselves which we break, then we’re surprised when we break promises made to others.  

All the while, the world is a chaotic storm.  There is an endless requirement to change and evolve, even in our short time on the earth.  We watch and wait for the next big thing which we must adapt to, and, like babies, we soothe ourselves with soft and shiny things.  We make checklists, we try to do it all, we burn out, start over.  We overwork ourselves until the only option is to take time off.  We do too much, or nothing at all.  We listen to great minds with differing opinions, never quite knowing which path to follow, but knowing that we want to try.

And, isn’t that human of us?  Wanting to try, despite the chaos, despite failed attempts, despite the overwhelming sea of things for us to do and see.

So, here’s to trying.  Here’s to self-improvement, to essential living, to happiness in the present.

Why this, why now? Why not.

Welcome to the minimum man.  Here’s to this.

Featured image: Ian Dooley via Unsplash.

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