Bright lights line rooftops and garish trees glimmer beyond distant windowpanes. There’s a cacophony of noise on TV and you still haven’t figured out what you’re supposed to buy for your eccentric uncle, who you haven’t seen since 2016. With the holiday season approaching fast, perhaps you’ve encouraged others in your life to develop a minimalist mindset, or perhaps it’s your first Christmas as a minimalist and you’re not sure how to give your family a minimal wish list without seeming ungrateful.

Here’s a rundown of some gift ideas for minimalists:

Digital Subscriptions

Digitising media is an ideal way to minimise on physical possessions, a subscription or gift card to Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc can be a great gift in place of a DVD or Blu-Ray. It can be hard to get around the idea of removing physical presents from the holiday celebrations, but not only does it save on space, it’s also a more sustainable option without the hassle of wrapping.


I swear, this isn’t sponsored or promoted. When I started out with minimalism, I was lucky to be given a Kindle as a gift, which I was surprised to find saved me both, space and money. The amount of free classics available is enough to keep even a heavy reader sustained for well over two years of reading. Of course, the Books function on iPads (& even iPhones) works well too, so it might be worth making sure that a Kindle is the right option for the recipient before buying one as a gift.

Bamboo Cutlery

For someone who travels a lot, and is also interested in living more sustainably, bamboo cutlery makes a great gift. The bamboo option, rather than a traditional stainless steel, makes the cutlery lightweight, and biodegradable once their use comes to an end. Useful amidst a pandemic, you’ll always know where your cutlery has been, and you’ll have the bonus of saving countless plastic forks and knives when eating out becomes an option again.

Meaningful Donations

If the person you’re buying for truly has everything they could want and need, buying them a meaningful donation to a charity which is important to them is the ideal gesture for the festive season. Aim for a local charity, something small and underfunded, especially if the gift recipient has noted an interest in a local organisation.

What will you be giving as a gift this season? What are you hoping to receive?

Featured image: Ylanite Koppens via Pexels.

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