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Every week is vast and chaotic lately; the news is ablaze with scientists and politicians. Instead of getting caught up in the chaos, we have the choice to reflect on what’s important to us. After all, our weekly lives are not simply made up of national news stories and dramatic headlines in bold type on tabloid covers.

Here’s the rundown of the past week on the minimum man:

Reflecting on a Year Without Travel

A year of minimal travel has, for many of us, given us time to reflect on the importance of travel. Travel is not only about movement, but connection, to others, to the country, to the city, to the world. A year without travel feels like a year of slowly treading water in a shallow pool. But not having the privilege and freedom of travel allows for a type of lucid reflection on the joys of past travel experiences which we may otherwise take for granted.

Reflecting on Minimalist Mistakes

Impulsive decluttering; attempting to match a ‘minimal aesthetic’; forgetting the minimal mindset. These mistakes take the beauty and freedom of minimalism and turn it into something time-consuming and ineffective. Impulsive decluttering is faux-minimalism, destructive not constructive, it is almost certain to end in regret. The minimal aesthetic is an unfortunate paradox, a strange type of conformism, yet another escape from the real goal of minimalism: to be happy, in the present, with what you have.

Considering the Minimal Mindset

Minimalism is more than an empty room, a number of possessions, a lifestyle, even. A minimal mindset is a crucial aspect of minimalism as a whole. We think too much, get distracted in the past or the future and forget that the present is even happening. Forever pulled between what no longer exists, and the possibility of what doesn’t exist yet. These non-existent pieces of life take up our headspace, and so mental decluttering is an important part of the minimal lifestyle.

What have you been reflecting on over the past week? Happy Holidays.

Featured image: Nathan Dumalo via Unsplash.

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