An image of two open books and a cup of coffee on a wooden table.


Fading holiday lights casting a strange and alien haze onto the empty streets outside. Quiet, one-person parties, sitting indoors, reflecting on the year that has past. Breaking news broadcasts in the background and we continue to be reminded that the world does not stop as the clock ticks over.

Here’s this week’s rundown of topics and discussions on the minimum man:

The ‘Minimalist Aesthetic’

Ah, the minimalist aesthetic. That paradox of a concept- the desire to gain a whole new look in order to reach the ‘acceptable’ standard of minimalism. Those all-too-familiar YouTube videos, the wooden laminate flooring, the black coffee. Those Instagram flatlays, precise in their layout, each monochrome item a ‘must-have’ for minimalists. In recognising the irony in trying to obtain a ‘minimal aesthetic’, it is possible to move away from the ‘aesthetic’ of minimalism, and instead to move towards to mindset of minimalism.

Pre-New Year Decluttering Tips

New Year ushers in a time for change for many of us. Whether you’re anti-resolution, or you’re making a checklist the length of your arm to attempt to accomplish in ‘21, decluttering is a key part of New Year’s for many of us. It’s time to donate that unworn suit jacket, sell those DVDs, and recycle that pile of boxes which you’ve been saving ‘just in case’.

Sentimental Minimalism

Minimising things you once loved can be simultaneously difficult and rewarding. Looking back at echoes of the past isn’t always a simple task but it is an essential one. In reconsidering our concepts of ‘belonging’ we can look at our old possessions through a new lens- is it really ours if we haven’t used it or looked at it in years? Letting go can be freeing, and by allowing yourself patience and care, you can ensure that minimising things you once loved leaves you with a gain, rather than a loss.

What are your main discussion points from the past week? Happy New Year, I hope 2021 is great for you.

Featured image: Daria Obymaha via Pexels.

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