An image of a small cabin in a snowy forest.


Thirty nine degrees celsius in northern England, steam on the tarmac, the air thick and muggy in late August. Three months later the temperature reaches minus one, ice settles on damp ground, frost sparkles on the grass and thinly lines the rooftops.

In a four-season climate, it isn’t always easy to be minimal. From shorts to thermals, we inevitably need a few extra pieces in order to deal with the ever-changing temperatures. There’s no magic number of items when the climate has drastic changes every few months, and there’s no simple method for minimising when you might actually need that wind proof coat in two months’ time. Perhaps thermal gloves don’t spark joy, but we surely need them when the temperature moves into the minus numbers in late December.

Multi-functional pieces are the way to go in order to stay minimal in a seasonal climate. Shoes and jackets are the most difficult pieces to minimise on when living in a place with vast changes in weather and temperature. Waterproof jackets with detachable fleece linings can be convenient, and shoes or boots with sturdy soles are the best for all weathers.

Here’s a rundown of the simplest shoe and jacket combination for all seasons:

One formal leather shoe (all-seasons)
One lightweight trainer (spring, summer, fall)
One waterproof, sturdy boot (winter, rainy seasons)

One lightweight bomber or harrington-style jacket (spring, summer, fall)
One waterproof and windproof jacket (winter, rainy seasons)
One formal or denim jacket, depending on usage (for work or social occasions where a jacket might need to suit transferable indoor and outdoor use)

Whether your local surroundings are seasonal, or if you’re planning on travelling minimally, these combinations can save time, space, and difficulty.

How do you maintain minimal possessions in a seasonal climate?

Featured image: Dane Deaner via Unsplash.

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