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Store shelves, messy, littered with goods which invite you to buy them. Sale signs, catalogues with bold numbers telling you how much you can save, if only you spend that money. Bright store lighting, customer announcements, that old song you like playing on the store radio. It’s all so tempting, and it can be difficult to remember, in the moment, what you should buy, and what you shouldn’t.

Minimalism and essentialism are all about getting rid of things, right? Most of the time, perhaps they are. But sometimes there’s a purchase which contributes to your ability to save money, time and space in future. Here’s a rundown of three things you should buy as a minimalist:

Safety Razor / Electric Shaver

This one depends on your shaving style. If your drawer is full of once-used disposable razors, and you like a clean shave, then it’s time to buy a reusable razor. That’s right, we’re going old-fashioned traditional, with blade inserts, most commonly referred to as a safety razor. There’s a big selection of these available now, (recommended, not sponsored: the Bambaw wood and stainless steel safety razor is a sturdy and reliable fit for anyone’s needs). For an electric shaver, you want to opt for something which won’t wear too fast and which has plenty of flexibility for the facial hairstyle you’re going for. Try and find something which has one attachment with multiple grade options (ten is the ideal amount for maximum flexibility). Bonus: you’ll be saving waste and moving to a more sustainable option.

Quality Shoes

The hatred, or love, of buying shoes is a big downfall for many of us. Many of us buy cheap shoes in order to get away from shopping as fast as possible, or in order to satisfy that craving for an item which is essential to our daily lives. But buying quality shoes works in your favour in the long run. If you have three pairs of quality shoes, you’ll be more likely to wear all of them and get good use from them for many years. If you have ten pairs of shoes you rushed to get, you’ll likely be finding holes in the heels after a few wears and wishing that you had made better use of your money.

A Physical Notebook / Journal

There’s simply no replacement for a physical notebook. Digitally, it’s easy to jot a reminder into your iPhone, but it’s also easy to accidentally delete it, or to forget to set an alert for it. By keeping a simple bullet-style journal on your desk, there’s a constant reminder of your to-do list of the day or week. There’s something satisfying in opening a journal and crossing off your tasks, one by one. If you’re not a fan of cloud sharing, then a physical notebook comes without the added hassle of remembering just which device you put your reminder in and where you wrote that to-do list. Just remember to fill your journals to the very last page and find note taking methods which work for you.

What do you buy as a minimalist?

Featured image: Dan Dimmock via Unsplash.

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