An image of a macbook, camera lens, soundboard,and notebook, on a wooden desk.


The exchange of cash, the beep of a debit card, the bank statement littered with items which we can’t remember purchasing. We walk through life looking for things. We pick things up, we feel them, we think we need them. We look for things which we think will make our lives easier, make us feel better, or make us look how we think we should look.

Cheap Accessories

A watch is such an easy purchase, a quick £20, $50. A new accessory which you’ll wear for a while, either until you realise you’re still using your phone to check the time, or until the faux-leather strap starts to fray after a few months. Wallets, similarly, carry your cash until you realise that you still reach to stuff it into your pockets when you’re rushing to leave the store. Cheap accessories seem like a useful and convenient purchase, until they’re not. If you are invested in wearing a watch, or using a wallet, then consider investing in a quality item, consider the lasting value of the item, rather than the temporary impact.

Home Decor

You need a couple of items from the store, but that’s when you see those home decor pieces, they match your furnishings and they would make a great addition to your living space, you think. Home decor pieces are tempting, another plant, another throw, another cushion to add to the collection. But home decor can become suffocating, and often doesn’t have more than one, usually aesthetic, use. Instead of buying home decor, consider using existing possessions AS the decor. A few books add intrigue to a shelf, an old mug used as a pen jar provides a storage solution, even dumbbells or exercise equipment can fill a small spot on the floor and will be more useful than a rug ever will.

Cheap Electronics

Your left earphone is broken, you keep listening to music through only the right earbud for too long, until you realise you’ll have to get a brand new pair. Earphones on sale at the supermarket, they’ll do. You go through months of listening to slightly fuzzy music before the left earphone breaks again. Charger cables, fraying right above the plug-in point, you replace them with charger cables which get hot and charge your electronics slowly. Eventually you have to replace them all over again. Not only is the cycle of cheap electronics frustrating, but it’s wasteful and unsustainable. As with accessories, it’s worth paying more for a quality item, especially when it impacts your daily life.

What will you stop buying in 2021?

Featured image: Duncan Kidd via Unsplash.

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