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Newscasters sound solemn, their words deep and heavy. Shining television sets and crumpled papers hail horrible headlines in bold serif fonts. Some days there’s that brief glimmer of something bordering on positive change, some days it’s all you can do to get out of bed. The human race drags themselves towards the future, clinging onto the clock hands. The metronome ticking says only this: that the passage of time is the only inevitable constant, it’s the ironic intangible which we all must cling to.

This week was a heavy one, for the world, and for me personally, but I’ve been grateful to have the time to continue writing, and to review this week’s highlights:

Minimal Travel

The cluttered storage spaces on bustling passenger trains, crammed full of extra-large shining suitcases. Hard shells with wheels, customised carriers, squashed duffle bags. Hand luggage bursting at the designer seams, the fear of the airport scale. Minimising luggage can be simple if you know where to start. By using your accommodation to your advantage, and checking facilities, you can cut down on unnecessary extras and make your travel experience simpler. Consider your luggage and try to imagine your possessions as multi-functional- that t-shirt can be worn to sleep in, that towel might make a useful bunk curtain. Doubling up on uses for items is essential in order to travel minimally, and experience more with less.

Minimal Fitness

That strange dusty rubber smell of the gym, usually bustling by January fifth. Eager resolution-makers sweating in sync, from cross-trainers to crossfit, each of them certain that they have begun a new and important fitness journey. This year, the distant sound of trainers on tarmac. Home-workouts prevailing, living rooms transforming into fitness spaces. Motivation is at the heart of building a minimal fitness routine. Digital resources are the ultimate way to self-taught fitness and proper form in the era of no personal trainers; understanding your body is crucial to ensuring a fitness plan which works for you.

Minimising Purchases in 2021

You sit, surrounded by possessions. Collections from the years of your life, things you felt you needed, things you found you needed, things you didn’t need at all. Then comes the decluttering, the minimising, the spring clean. But, what then? After minimising is somewhat complete (as complete as an endless task can be, anyway) it can be easy to slip back into impulsive purchasing and end up in the same environment within a year. Stopping buying cheaply is an important step in minimising. Through focusing on quality you can save money and ensure that you don’t end up with half-functional duplicates (I’m talking about those five charger cables- we’re all guilty of it).

What have been your highlights from the past week? What do you hope to work on next week?

Featured image: Maria Orlova via Pexels.

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