An image of a macbook and a cup of coffee atop an unmade bed.


Some weeks pass by like trucks through the desert, just one fast motion leaving dust in their wake. Other weeks are a long hike through the mountains, the cold wind buffeting you backwards, the cliffs precarious, the landscape so unforgiving. There are occasional breaks in the chaos, there are moments of joy, but they are tinged with moments of difficulty.

In a time like no other, to have a focal point is a useful and wonderful thing. I am grateful to take the time, as usual, to pinpoint this week’s highlights on the minimum man.

Defining the Mindset of Freedom

That stuck feeling of wading through life as though it is a thick mud turning to quicksand. The fear, the actions guided by an irrepressible desire for more. Seeking more and more daily in order to feel fulfilled. The unchangable past and the unpredictable future are not accommodating places for the mind. The vast and undefinable concept of ‘financial success’, similarly, does not provide a clear goal to strive for, but rather a way to feel lack and loss, without actually experiencing those things. To truly be free is to find joy in the present, to take each moment and to live, deliberately, within it.

Can You Minimise People in Your Life?

A pair of shoes is a simple thing to minimise. Donation banks, thrift stores, recycling plants, collection bags. It is simple to minimise a thing. To minimise is to live in the present, eradicating that which is no longer useful or valuable to us. Does this mean that we should minimise people who are no longer a positive aspect of our lives? Absolutely not. Minimalism is not simply eradication- after all, we may thank our items, or find sustainable ways to minimise them. So we must thank the people who are no longer a positive part of our lives. We must make time and space for dialogue, where possible, in order to move on with a sense of compassion and closure.

Thoughts on Minimising Digital Consumption

Clicks without thoughts. The endless scrolling, multiple tabs open, the overwhelm of information. Our minds were not designed for this. The ease of watching, watching, watching all day long- content which does not serve us, does not help us, does not improve our lives. Algorithms predict our movements, advertisements target us accordingly. Minimising digital consumption may be about spending less time in the digital world, or spending time more wisely in the digital world. Making conscious digital choices is key to having a fulfilling life, and to make conscious decisions we have to be present and mindful when making our clicks. Once we make a habit of conscious digital consumption, we find ourselves with more time for IRL, rather than URL.

What have been your favourite moments from the last week?

Featured image: Sincerely Media via Unsplash.

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