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Do you feel it? The bleak loneliness of the pandemic weeks? It creeps in from just beyond the window pane, from out in the cold winter streets, it comes to tug at your sleeve in the night. It beckons light a light in the distance, like a star we cannot reach out to grab; we are lured in, to the belief that we are following a lighthouse to safety, only to find the unreachable faraway glow of a fire.

We will, someday, look back on this as a time in which we overcame something, had a shared experience as humanity, perhaps even a time when we succeeded. But right now, it often feels like daily failure- failure of the politicians, failure of the media, failure of our own individual strength to get through the harsh twenty four hours of every day. Yet, we do succeed, each day and each week we have some small success to reflect on.

Here’s the successes from this week on the minimum man:

Memories of Solo Hostel Travel

Travel feels like a distant memory in a different land. The concept of paying for a single bed in a packed-full dorm, in the heat of summer, seems like an ancient artefact. Memories of backpacks on dusty floorboards, conversations with strangers at 3am, and shared bathrooms feel like little pieces of gold amidst the grey fog of the present. Solo travelling, and hostel travel especially, is a precious tool for self-development- which we can hopefully all experience again someday in the near future.

Re-understanding ‘Wasted’ Time

The sand through the hourglass, the clocks ticking over- time seems to escape us, control us. Some days feel vast and impressive, memorable, something to write in the diary. Other days are bland and still, full of minutes which simply blend into each other. Using time wisely relies upon the creation, and consistent use of, positive habits. We need to find what’s important to us, and ease our path to ensure that we spend more of our time on the things which we value.

Escaping Burnout

Burnout, that indescribable overwhelm which swallows you up like quicksand. When burnout takes over, nothing feels possible. You question yourself, your abilities, your commitments. It feels, sometimes, that burnout is an unavoidable side-effect of the modern working life. But burnout can be avoided. To learn self-respect, and to use that respect to set clear boundaries for yourself, is to take a clear step to avoiding burnout in future.

What was successful for you this week? What do you hope to achieve in the next week?

Featured image: Freddy Castro via Unsplash.

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