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You remember it- that childlike pure love of something. The one element running through your formative years which you clutched onto like the promise of a future worth experiencing. We think of it like something we can step into, some role or achievement that we can, one day, fulfil. Then, slowly, those things we love, our answer to ‘what do you want to do?’, starts being referred to as a ‘dream’. No longer something to be experienced within our life, but just an aimless, futile hope for something impossible.

Our dreams were once goals, before the various fragments of life chipped away at them, so slowly that we don’t notice. All too frequently, we live our lives with an undercurrent of resentment- that someone or something prevented us from living our ‘dream’, from realising that concept which we held onto and which we believed would inform the rest of our lives. Likely very few of us would be in a position to say that we were living our ‘dream’ as we had fully considered it to be when we were young. We often feel like we have been pushed beyond achieving our dream for one reason or another- changes of circumstance, finances, relationships, locations, access to facilities. When we reach a certain point we feel that now it has been taken away from us, we must inevitably give up on it.

So, should we give up on our dreams? Are they really dreams, or can they be realised? Do we still have the same dreams that we once did- or do we have new dreams now?

First, we should realise that our dreams are an option- that we possess the ability to turn that dream back into the goal it once was. Then, we have to decide if that dream- or, goal- still serves us, and is still something which we want to pursue, something which we desire. After all, we are different people now, we might have goals which have inevitably changed due to our lives, we might no longer want the same things. If we don’t want that dream anymore, we get to find a new one, and we can make peace with that fact. However, if, after all of this, we are longing for the same thing, that’s when we can set out a roadmap to achieve that goal. Instead of using our limiting beliefs to deny the possibility of success, what might happen if we try to achieve our goals? We may succeed, or we may not, but either way, perhaps that space- between heading towards a dream and ultimately living it- is the interesting part.

Have you held onto the same dreams for much of your life? How do you find new dreams to follow? How have you already achieved dreams which you once had?

Featured image: cottonbro via Pexels.

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