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Some weeks are chaotically full, packed with moments which change us and inform our lives in meaningful ways. All too often we are bombarded with information, too much, too many times of the day. News jingles and dramatic headlines frame our lives and we can easily get caught up in absorbing ourselves in anything other than our life. Each week, we have the chance to reflect on the highlights of our week.

Here are the highlights from this week on the minimum man:

On Being Powerful

Power seems to be something reserved for superheroes and politicians. Yet, power is an inherent element of humanity, available to all of us if we look hard enough. Our ability to believe in our own power lies in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. When we recognise that power rests in self-reflection, decisiveness, kindness- not force and control.

On Caring What Others Think

We want to be liked, respected, seen. We try to influence the ways in which we are seen by others. We try to blend in with exterior norms, perhaps alter our interests to align with interior norms. Caring about others allows us to be productive, culturally aware, and careful- but caring too much can stifle and limit us. Finding that compromise between living life for yourself, and being productive in wider society is key.

On Giving Up Your Dreams

Our first ambitions are often viewed, by others and ourselves, as simple ‘dreams’. Unattainable, former goals lost to time. We believe that any dream we once had is no longer achievable, but when we start to recognise these ‘dreams’ as potential and possible, we allow ourselves to reassess this assumption. What might happen if we try to achieve our ‘dreams’, or our truest goals? What joy might be achieved when we move towards that dream?

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What are the highlights from your week?

Featured image: Via Unsplash.

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