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An image of multiple plants indoors, and a watering can on a small table.


Swathes of tapestry fabric drapes the furniture; bustling patterns in complementary yet contrasting colours. A hoard of greenery, collections of plants scatter the surfaces, behind them a collection of paintings and photographs tacked to a wall. The shelves, too, are filled with things, worn books with gilded pages, the smell of paper, selections of items … Continue reading CLUTTERCORE VS MINIMALISM

An image of feet on the floor, people in many seats on a bus.


The cold suburban train station in the early hours of the morning; that still, damp air which settles down as dew as the first pieces of sun cut through the cloud. The people, faces which you’ve seen before, each of them slightly different day by day. Sometimes bagged eyes, grey and drawn, other times alert … Continue reading IS COMMUTING TRAVEL?

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