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An image of legs and shoes, running along a woodland trail.


Trainers on asphalt and concrete, the thudding pad of the ground beneath feet. From towerblock jungles in the urban sprawl, to muddy trails through overgrown wilderness. Endurance, following through on a set goal, under the dim clouds of winter days and on through into the blazing summer heat. Sport is often seen as a solely … Continue reading SPORT & SELF DEVELOPMENT

An image of a diary calendar on a surface, with a cup of black coffee and small dish of paperclips.


Some successes are dazzling shooting stars, bursting through the blackness for a moment- a sudden display of brightness, brief and impressive. Other successes are slow, far off stars burning away in the distance, existing as they do and eventually shining brighter when they come closer, or when the time is right. Many of us struggle … Continue reading CONSISTENCY | SHORT THOUGHTS

An image of an espresso shot and a phone with a set of social media app icons.


Social media looms in the background of all of our lives. Those of us who are on social media face the daily onslaught of headlines, timelines, updates, and minute-by-minute dramas occurring globally. Even those of us who aren’t on social media are usually around other people telling us about social media. On social media, we … Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA | SHORT THOUGHTS

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