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An image of a person standing on a clifftop overlooking fog and clouds.


We talk about taking risks as though it’s some grand act of bravery. A venture into an unknown void which takes thought and courage. We talk about taking risks as though risks are a rare part of our overall existence. But we’re taking risks all the time. To get up in the morning is to … Continue reading WHAT RISKS WILL YOU TAKE?

An image of a mac with the slogan 'do more' on screen, on a clean desk with shelving units.


A busy scene: checklists, schedules which span the whole day, from the dewy morning to the midnight sky- a sense of urgency, to get things done and to conquer the vague concept of time. Productivity is everywhere. But, usually, when we talk about productivity, we’re talking about work, or excess responsibilities. How often do we … Continue reading TOXIC PRODUCTIVITY

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